Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm moving...

...to a new blog. And here is one of my most recent posts on it. WHY am I moving you might well ask? Well, I wanted a forum where I have more options while designing my blog. And wordpress seems to offer me that and eventually I can host a website through them on a server of my choice (Have I explained that correctly - I think the person for me to ask is Beyond Pearls because that is what she has done!)

I have been toying with the idea of new blog since I knew I was expecting number thirteen (number 20 if we count the babies who bypassed earth and went straight through Mary's loving embrace to Jesus!) After all - if I did not loose that precious baby as well... mum2twelve would no longer fit as my blogger identity. But I had been mum2twelve for so long it was hard to leave that identity.

Once I was ready I decided to do more than just rename my blog. So without further adieu - I introduce my new blog:

(Note it is still under construction but all of my posting will now take place there and you can easily subscribe to it through a subscription link on the right at the top! Hope to see you over there...)

update as of January 4th of 2011: still blogging over at wordpress but seriously considering meshing the two together somehow... not sure how though. Interestingly the Jesse Tree post (below) - posted itself and is undeletable - if that is a word??? SO I am reposting this post as I think many are using it to find their way to my newer blog.

See ya over there.... :-)

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Anniversary of the passing of a beloved Father

From January 31st 2006

Last night at about 11:35, the phone rang in the darkness and I struggled to reach over the baby before the ringing woke her, while also trying not to wake her myself. I wondered briefly as I stared at the letters UNKNOWN CALLER flashing on the face of the phone if the culprit for this late night call was perhaps another customer on the West coast, forgetting that because it was 8:30 pm his time, this did not mean it was still 8:30 pm here on the East coast. I clicked the answer button, and heard a male voice just trailing off with my nineteen old son answering; “Un momento “. I then heard his foot steps heavy on the stairs, our door open and saw his shadow begin to pass me a second phone.

Realizing this was likely a call from Argentina, the one we have been expecting and dreading for months, Hugo took the phone instead. It was his brother-in-law David who, after announcing who was calling, said to Hugo:

“Don Erico no es con nostros nada mass.”

Don was a title of respect reserved within the family for only Hugo’s father and was used by much of the community whether talking to, or speaking of him. He was a man who commanded respect and was, if not loved by all, deeply cherished. His loss will be sorely felt, and I suspect his funeral well attended. Sadly Hugo will not be able to return to Argentina for it, and it is in this regard that we grieve most for Hugo while he grieves alone without the comfort and support of his 6 siblings and mother. They will have each other to share the memories and stories of Abuelo and the familiarity of the daily routine without his presence t0 acclimatize them to their loss. Hugo will not.

We did not have the fortune of meeting Abuelo due to the distance and expense of traveling with such a large family. We have spoken to our family in Argentina by phone, exchanged emails lately, as well as letters and photos but we have come to know Abuelo more though Hugo’s memories and stories than by correspondence.

Don Erico Teodoro Luis was the husband of Lidia for over 50 years, the father of 8 children, 7 surviving. He was the grandfather of 29 grandchildren and I am uncertain of how many great grand children. He was a tower of strength and worked hard providing for his family until his very last years. And in those last years, he suffered much, but silently, an example to all. I will be forever sad not to have been able to meet him in person in this life time.

My one comfort that I hope to be able to share with our children is that with his passing on, we can now speak to him all the time, at any time. We may not be able to hear his reply, but we can be assured of his hearing us and praying for us. In this way, he is more present to us now than he was in life. God rest his soul.

Don Erico Teodoro Luis November 8, 1915 - January 30, 2006

Even though it has been five years since his passing and much has changed, another child born in our family... as well as grandchildren added; who are Don Erico's American born great grand children, he is still thought of often. His portrait has a place of honour on our mantel in the formal living room. And a place of honour in all our hearts.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jesse Tree - Fourth Thursday in Advent

Reading: Matthew1:18-25
Todays' reading is about Joseph learning that Mary is with child and the dream he receives from the Lord encouraging him to marry Mary.

22Now all this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet:


(Mathew 1:22- 23)

Symbol is a hammer and saw - representing Joseph's part in the story as a carpenter.

The link to the symbols for the fourth week is here.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

three birthdays...

...and we managed to cram them all in the shortest month of the year.

The twins... four years apart!

Well okay - this is not a picture of one of my February birthday girls but rather of her beautiful daughter - Lydia... just couldn't resist posting such a cute face! Her mum is on my banner dancing with Nathaniel on the occasion of her marriage! But if I had Jenny's baby pictures on my computer... I think we would see a lot of resemblance. Same blond hair, chubby cheeks and blue eyes!

Tomorrow brings an important announcement that you will NOT want to miss. See you then and I promise you will not be disappointed. Surprised, yes, but not disappointed!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

credit card heaven

Four year old Elsa carefully adjusting a full deck of playing cards into the waist of her skirt asked Emma if she liked them. Before Emma could answer I asked Elsa if she knew what they were. "Yes", she said "they are my credit cards!"

A little taken aback I asked her if she knew what credit cards are.

"Oh yes" she said, "they help you do things - like drive."

"Well" I said, "you must be planning on doing a lot of driving then." She just grinned and patted them tenderly.

7 yr old Emma piped up and said proudly: "I KNOW what credit cards are."

"So what are they?" I asked.

"Well," she said, taking in a deep breath; "They have money on them and they help you not waste your dollars when you buy stuff..." (I wish that was so - don't you?!)

Elsa then walked out of the room admiring her wad of credit cards still tucked in her waist band.
"I just love, love, love my credit cards. I just have a TON of them!"

I hope her husband is very, very, very rich or he is going to have a very difficult life keeping her in the "style" she seems to be acquiring!!

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