Wednesday, February 10, 2010

credit card heaven

Four year old Elsa carefully adjusting a full deck of playing cards into the waist of her skirt asked Emma if she liked them. Before Emma could answer I asked Elsa if she knew what they were. "Yes", she said "they are my credit cards!"

A little taken aback I asked her if she knew what credit cards are.

"Oh yes" she said, "they help you do things - like drive."

"Well" I said, "you must be planning on doing a lot of driving then." She just grinned and patted them tenderly.

7 yr old Emma piped up and said proudly: "I KNOW what credit cards are."

"So what are they?" I asked.

"Well," she said, taking in a deep breath; "They have money on them and they help you not waste your dollars when you buy stuff..." (I wish that was so - don't you?!)

Elsa then walked out of the room admiring her wad of credit cards still tucked in her waist band.
"I just love, love, love my credit cards. I just have a TON of them!"

I hope her husband is very, very, very rich or he is going to have a very difficult life keeping her in the "style" she seems to be acquiring!!



dorry said...

that is soooo FUNNY!!!

Casey said...

That's adorable!
We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's for a friend's little girl's birthday party, while there the kids each got one of those little plastic credit card like cards from one of the machines with their picture on them. They all pretend that those are their drivers licenses. Though one is a card for Area 51, one a card for a Zoologist and the other something to do with an Aquarium I believe. Any time we get those silly Hallmark coupon card things in the mail I pull them off and give them to the kids to play with...maybe I should reconsider based on this post. Eeeek. :)

mum2twelve said...

The irony is - we don't have credit cards.. not one! We each have one bank card... that's it. So that is why I was really shocked when she called them credit cards... you see we also don't have tv so it can't be blamed on commercials either. So where did credit cards come from internet commercials??? LOL

Pugg said...

I love the credit card thing!
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