Friday, August 07, 2009

Price of admission - 25 cents

I am used to the little ones coming up to me and asking if I might have a spare nickel, dime quarter or even just a penny. Typically my pockets are empty and so I apologize and keep moving. So it was today that I did not really take notice when the little girls asked me if I had a quarter on me until later when I over heard them complaining bitterly that NO ONE had a quarter and so they could not buy a ticket to get into their brothers room.

"What!?" I exclaimed. "You have to pay to get into the boys room?"

"Yes." They sighed heavily, "and no one had a quarter that we can use to buy a ticket." I was sorely tempted to call the boys bluff by finding each of the girls a quarter - yet I could not bring myself to reward the boys' behaviour with money.

I just know there was a brilliant solution to this scenario but I was not feeling particularly brilliant today given I finally succumbed to taking pain medication for my back that left me almost pain free but ... brainless. Read more!