Tuesday, December 26, 2006


At Christmas Eve Mass two women joined Emma and I at the back of the church, and each were carrying in thier arms a child of about 15 months or so in age. Each little boy was dressed in blue dress pants, white sneakers, stripped shirt with a red sweater over it. They each had the same hair cut and, in short, were twins.

Emma stared. And stared some more. Looking confounded she glanced down at the floor, then peered around me at the twins again and finally stepped towards the women.

"Why," she asked with great puzzlement in her tone "are you both holding the same peoples at the same time?" Read more!

Boxing Day

For our family, today is Boxing day and this is the day that we traditionally have our Christmas turkey. This tradition began in our family about 12 years ago after we had one crisis or another ruin Christmas, one year after another. We finally decided that since Boxing day was still a holiday for us that we would relax on Christmas day, enjoy snacks, let the kids have free access to their stocking candy and not stress out for hours over the dinner preparations just to have everyone too full from Christmas cookies and candy to really enjoy dinner.

Today is also the Feast day of St Stephen. A somewhat forgotten feast day, I think. Learn more about St Stephen here and Boxing Day here! Read more!

Saint Nick...

... listened to you all and as the poll clearly indicated that Emma SHOULD get Shicken Run, she received it and has watched it a total of TWO times and moved on. Clearly she still loves it but is wise as what may happen to her beloved movie should she watch it non stop as she did when she was three! Thank you all who voted and helped St Nick with his deliema!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Answers Votes Percent
Not sure... 3 4%
Definitely - ask old St Nick to drop it in the stocking 30 43%
Absolutely not, leave it as sister's treat. 16 23%
What's Shicken Run?? 21 30%
Read more!