Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Snippits

A blog titled This that and the Other Thing has created a Catholic Carnival. I have never participated in a blog carnival before - only the carnivals with ferris wheels, games meant to lure you into spending quarter after quarter (which gives you an idea of how long its been since I have been to even that kind of carnival) and carts selling freshly roasted peanuts and piping hot popcorn and freshly spun sticky cotton candy.

However, this Catholic Carnival is a way to find other Catholic Blogs and possibly expand your favorite reading list. Mine is of a rather short list and not everyone posts daily so I could use a few new blogs to distract enlighten myself with. Here is the post on This That and the Other Thing that tells how the Carnival works. It's quite simple but still too complicated for my overtired, stressed out brain to try and rewrite it in my own words so I am doing the lazy smart thing and just sending you directly over.

Now I am supposed to link to one of previous posts that is particularly Catholic to share with new readers from the Catholic Carnival. So here is one my favorite posts that I think is quintessentially Catholic. What do you think?

I will finish this post with a plea for continued prayers. If I keep myself busy, cleaning, mothering, working on the seminar, cooking and cleaning some more - I don't think about the terrible challenge staring in our faces. The moment I stop to rest my mind is overwhelmed with fear and despondency. I had moments of real peace on and off yesterday and I can only contribute that to the prayers of others. Sadly - this makes me so aware of my lack of faith in God. An ounce of real faith would take away all of my fears and replace them with an inner peace that surpasses all earthly joy.
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