Friday, March 10, 2006

Whoo Hoo!

We have had ten sales from my mum2twelve's country cupboard. Thank you everyone who is supporting my little store. Look for more selections for photos and cartoons to come soon.

I also wish to publicly say thank you to everyone who has been supporting us through donations and prayers. You all have been so kind. We are very close to having one month's rent collected.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Read more!

AND theyrrrre off!

...with Anna in the lead by one marker! My surprise project for the kids was finally completed this week although I do need to make and laminate some more coupons.

Over the weekend I made a race track. With my being so involved in the business, the children really needed some self motivation to keep to their tasks and school work. So I came up with a game that seems to be helping. Each child has their own laminated race car which has their picture on it attached to a race track with velcor markers on it. To move forward one marker you must earn 10 coupons. Anna, is currently in the lead, having moved just moved one marker forward last night.

To place bets on who you think will win, simply call 1 800 GO KIDS! Your choices are;
Anna, 12, tentatively holding first place
Gabriela 15, currently in second place - about to tie with Anna.
Next we have Teddy, 9, blazing a trail hot with seven coupons. Hot on his heels is Bethany, 8, with five.
Noah, 10, who has been focused on his guinea pig who was ill and passed away yesterday morning only has three, but I suspect he will be coming along strong shortly.
Emma 3, and Nathaniel 4, each hold the last place firmly with one coupon each.

May the best cleaner win! Updates and photos to follow later to help readers keep up with their favorite. Read more!