Tuesday, February 28, 2006


...for a laugh.

The phone rang. I was reading a book while I ate the last of my supper. Argentinean roast, roasted potatoes, onions and yams. Everyone had left the table and it was more or less peaceful.
And then the phone rang.
I ignored it. Who wants to talk to a discrumpled customer at this time of night and WHO else would be calling at this time?

It kept ringing and did not go to voicemail. I sighed, put down my book and pushed back my chair. Standing up I turned towards the living room, wishing today had not happened. Another ring clued me in that the phone was on the kitchen counter and not in the living room. I halted, turned and grabbed it off the counter.

"What the heck?" I said. (Honest!) "Phone three is calling??"

"Hello?" I answered. Miguel's deep chuckle met me through the phone and from the couch where he was sitting. I had to laugh back. The phone got passed around as I walked over to my computer so as to check my email. I listened to Emma talk to Hugo through the phone, while she was actually standing in front of him. Then the phone was passed back to me and Emma told me she was on a boat.

"A BOAT?" I exclaimed, only 5 feet away from her. "Why are you on a boat?"

"Cause!" she said and then giggled. "It mine!"

After that, Tanny Paul needed a turn and told me he was racing in a racing car!
"What are you doing in a race car?" I asked. "You don't have a license!" He giggled with delight. As I typed on my keyboard with the phone squished to my ear, I snickered to myself. What one does when they are desperate for a chuckle! Now I need to go gather up my little sailor and racer and get them ready for bed. If phone three rings - tell them I'm busy. Read more!


It seems that when we, as a family, try to pray more we are attacked by the devil with a vengence. We are, at this time suffering from a virus that has affected the whole family and we simply can not seem to recover from it. My husband in particular has been very ill.

As if this is not enough, we have had one terrible thing go wrong with the business after another. We just had a couple of thousand dollars worth of equipment dissappear. Please, please pray for us. We are in a desperate situation as we are behind in the rent by a few months. With this loss of the equipment we are really up against a wall. Read more!

Is the Tide Turning?

Fox News reports that Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Abortion Protesters. To read the whole story click here ! Read more!

Prayer Time...

Our family prays (almost) daily and we try to pray the Rosary every day. We have, of late, added the Litany to the Infant Jesus and, as often as possible, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. We try our best to do it at three. I would say at least once a week, we have a day when we miss our prayers altogther. These are typically NOT very good days. It is funny how, despite knowing how much better one's day goes if started with prayer, it can still be such a struggle to settle ourselves down and just do it. Once we are actually praying, it is so easy. One Hail Mary after another and suddenly we are already on the fourth decade. Why then do we then put it off like an unpleasant chore? I truely have no idea. Sometimes, I wonder if this daily struggle helps to keep us humble, so as not to develope a sense of false pride. It is perhaps a reminder that we can do nothing without God's help andHis graces. Not even pray.

Still, as a family, we are striving to do better and we have begun to keep a book of intentions that we read outloud from at least two to three times a week just before our family prayers. When we do not read aloud from it - we ask God to remember the intentiosn we have written in our little red book. These intentions are not just for our own family, but they also cover the needs of friends when we become aware of them. We also have general intentions listed such as the end of abortion, an increase in vocations as well as world peace.

For Lent - I wanted to offer to add any of my readers prayer requests to our book.

If you would like to add a prayer request to our book of intentions please email them to mum2twelve@yahoo.com , or if you prefer, leave them as a comment. We will continue to pray for this intention until we have been told it has been answered, at that point we will change the intention to a prayer of thanksgiving, as we do for all of the intentions in this book. Read more!

Prayer Request for Daniel

This is St. Apollonia, Patron saint of dentists, dental disease and of teeth. I have a prayer request for a young lad by the name of Daniel. He met with an accident last night that caused damage to several of his teeth. It is unknown yet how extensive it is, or what kind of treatment it will require. So please pray for him, he is young, only about 9. Read more!