Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A new favourite...

... just found. Have you ever seen the What Every Catholic Knew blog? Well - if you haven't, pop over there and read a few encouraging and invigorating posts.

I am adding this blog to my side bar!

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Its really difficult

... not to have the energy I need to distract myself from the sad sorry miserable state I am in. If I were not 31 weeks pregnant and been awake since 4 am stressing over the anger I feel, I would have the energy I need to bake some delicious pumpkin bread and then I could enjoy the heart burn such a delightful snack would give me.

I should be teaching phonics, and or baking bread... but I am just too tired and distracted.

Guess I will try a few Hail Maries!
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A call to action

Please share this vital information with others - via blog, email or word of mouth.

To learn more about this teleconference call being co-ordinated by several Pro life groups - such as 40 Days For Life - click here.

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Oh Dear....

I would like to offer cool, wonderful inspiring thoughts about the outcome of the election.

I can't.

However, Margaret of Minnesota is thinking along the same lines as I am according to yesterdays post.

"Look, we’ve got to cling to something and if it’s not guns than it should definitely be religion. This is what’s getting me through today—specifically, the knowledge that we know the end of the story and tomorrow’s new president will not change it.

My focus, then, is on my God. It’s on the state of my soul…and it’s on my family."

This is why yesterday I did not listen to the radio and why I did not watch the election results. They would be what they would be, whether I suffered over their slow revelation or not. This is why I will not watch or listen to it for some time to come.

I am sad and depressed and not a little angry over the results. So 100 % of my thoughts and efforts the next weeks and months will be in praying for my family. It is all that is left to do right now. Pray and put one's faith in God's mercy. And God HAVE mercy on us!

This country has elected a pro death, pro infanticide president. God have MERCY!

Please ignore
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Some happy news...

...that I came across today as I searched for peaceful and joyful positive blogs. Kinda needing help in focusing my heart and mind in that direction.

Here is the touch of fresh air I discovered on this rather cloudy day, both literally and figuratively.

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Writing this on Tuesday....

... and because I experienced more than my share of angst over this upcoming election, as has had my husband, we both agreed to turn the radio, t.v. and Internet sources off for the day. So we have no idea what is going on with the exit polls and life is more peaceful as a result.

We are legal aliens and as such can not vote; although our 21 year old son was approached and encouraged to register to vote - even after he explained he was Canadian an not yet a citizen. Then he explained his views on the Candidates up for election and the woman walked away disgusted with him- no longer interested in registering him illegally. Maybe if he had been pro choice and pro Obama she would have tried harder.

So while we could not vote - we did what little we could. Both Hugo and I posted information on the candidates on various blogs, political and otherwise. We shared this information with friends leaning towards Obama. We prayed. We participated in Father Corapi's rosary and we attended daily Mass as part of our prayer campaign. Our son volunteered at the GOP office and my husband drove him back and forth (as our son's car died a month ago) and my husband and I made a meal for the office last week. One of our daughters baby sat for a neighbour so she could vote. And lastly we attended our parish's prayer vigil today. And as posted on Behold Your Mother we can only pray for a positive outcome from our prayers while also realizing the following: "God can and does answer prayer -- including the prayers of His saints -- though not always in the way we want Him to. We cannot manipulate heaven with our rosaries and lit candles, forcing the hosts of heaven to smooth out the bumps in the road ahead of us. All we can do is ask for their company to fortify us as we march along. As we prepare for the upcoming election, it's important to keep in mind that -- as much as we might want Him to -- God does not stuff ballot boxes. He gave us free choice and expects us to use reason and a rightly formed conscience to make those choices."

I have at times, felt extremely depressed over that comment, (I really wanted him to stuff those boxes for us!) but then my 17 year old daughter said this morning - "Well, God will not force His will on us. But He can make good out of something bad, if only we let Him." My job over the next while, should Obama win, will be to allow God to make something good out of the bad that I fear happening if Obama wins, beginning with allowing God to take my fear!

So who will have won by the time you read this - I do not yet know. I know I am praying for a pro life win. And - we have already begun to make new plans for our life- regardless of who wins. We are making some changes in our life and details about this will come out over the next month or two. Please pray for us. It will be challenging but I think fun and exciting. Nothing like starting a new approach to your life while also awaiting the arrival of a new life!

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