Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh Dear....

I would like to offer cool, wonderful inspiring thoughts about the outcome of the election.

I can't.

However, Margaret of Minnesota is thinking along the same lines as I am according to yesterdays post.

"Look, we’ve got to cling to something and if it’s not guns than it should definitely be religion. This is what’s getting me through today—specifically, the knowledge that we know the end of the story and tomorrow’s new president will not change it.

My focus, then, is on my God. It’s on the state of my soul…and it’s on my family."

This is why yesterday I did not listen to the radio and why I did not watch the election results. They would be what they would be, whether I suffered over their slow revelation or not. This is why I will not watch or listen to it for some time to come.

I am sad and depressed and not a little angry over the results. So 100 % of my thoughts and efforts the next weeks and months will be in praying for my family. It is all that is left to do right now. Pray and put one's faith in God's mercy. And God HAVE mercy on us!

This country has elected a pro death, pro infanticide president. God have MERCY!

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

I am sad and depressed too, Christi, but we can't live like that. We will survive this administration--or we will not. We will survive this day--or we will not. As I told my sad little girls last night, this is not our home. Heaven is, and as such we must always keep looking heavenward.

With love & blessings,


Elizabeth said...

Although I am a UK citizen, I found the USA election result to be profoundly worrying.

My prayers are with you all.....

mum2twelve said...

Yes - we can not live like that, Margaret! I agree entirely and I will, as I wrote to my priest today, only get through this through the constant pleading to Mary for her intersession for God's grace to carry this burden of fear and sadness. For the constant recollection that is not our home and our life long goal is to gain entrance to heaven. I am so looking forward to Advent and almost want to start it now so that I can throw myself into its activities and preparation for the birth of Christ.

My husband lost his job 6 years ago - and has recently cut back on our small family business as it has become clear that the nature of it - was limiting our ability to grow it beyond where it has stagnated for the last few years. So he returned to graduate school to pursue a Project Management Certificate and is within weeks of obtaining it - with a 4.0 GPA to boot. But given the current economic environment and the massive lay offs that we are facing with the huge tax increases Obama has promised us - we have no hope left that he will find a job. Sadly we have family members celebrating his victory - completely oblivious to the actual physical pain this will cause our family and the hope it has stolen from us. Small businesses like ours will find it even more difficult to survive and we will be closing the doors to ours shortly and trying our hand at something else. Never mind that this family member is celebrating the win of a pro death pro infanticide president - this is an incredible burden to bear in ones heart - that flesh and blood is celebrating his win!

Hence I have added the Memorare to the top of my blog - as I will be needing it, if not hourly - than at least daily.

Elizabeth - please keep your prayers coming. I know I need them and certainly the US will need them over the next four years.

Thank you both for your kind words.

Lorcan said...

Beloved treasured friend:

The gospel of Jesus should not lead us to vilify each other. In order that this nation live up to the promise we have been reaching for, from our infancy where slavery lived side by side with a dream of equality we must live Jesus' message of trust and love over fear.

I have not written about politics on my blog. Our lesson of history, as Quakers, is that our attempts to rule a colony by faith did not work - politics, like war, is never about truth, it is about power on earth.

I found McCain's speech last night to be as profound as Obama's. Both speeches spoke of being at a moment when we can put division aside and become a united nation. I could easily be angry that a president who supports King Coal - which brings such deprivation to the people of Appalachia, and such harm to the land, a president who supports a war in Afghanistan, war being such an anathema to the spirit of my faith as a Quaker was elected. But, rather, I offer my support on his message's of hope, and councel and prayers that his eyes will be open to the wrongs of mountain top removal.

But, how do I honor the friends, the mentor I have lost in the killing of the past few years? Their faces are ever in my mind. My gentle friend Arthur who died in the UN office bombing in Iraq... Tom Fox... I do so by remembering the depth of faith of Lincoln who said in the face of the horrors of the war of session, "With malice towards none...." No nation will ever have a single faith, a single truth -- it is the lesson of the tower of Babel. Rather, God instructs us to open our hearts to each other in love, in trust, disavow fear, and teach with gentleness, and learn with humility.

No one can say if this new opportunity for a unified nation will result in protections and possibilities for the hard working who are rich as thy family is, in love, but poor in immediate opportunity. But, the best hope for this to happen, is to put the divisions of the past aside, not to agree on each element of politics and faith, but to offer each other the water of life, as Jesus did at the well. Judians were not to become Samaritans, or Samaritans Judians, but we were to feed each other literally and in spirit.

As LBJ said, that complex and odd man who once created so much opportunity for those in need in America, quoting from the wisdom of our shared faith, " ... let us reason together."

What happened at Babel? God divided us on the language of our worship, and politics, I am sure, to teach us how to love perfectly, as God does.


I God's love and peace


mum2twelve said...

To simply state a fact - is not to vilify a person. If I say a person is Catholic - and I am anti-catholic, I have not vilified him. I have simply stated a fact. If I say someone who has promised to sign the Freedom of Choice act - which will bring back partial birth abortion, is pro death; I am not vilifying the man who promised this. I am simply stating a fact.

I can not support abortion in any form but to promise to bring back such a horrendous and violent form of death for the most innocent of our country - the partially born infant - can that be called anything other than being pro death?

Can saying someone who supports this is pro death - really be called vilifying him?
This can in no way be compared to war. This is the very essence of evil itself - to support such a heinous crime against the unborn or partially born child.

And to address a much smaller concern - to state that a man has promised huge tax hikes which can only lead to more pain and suffering across the nation - is that stating an opinion - or vilifying him? One might disagree as to the results of these promised tax hikes - but to state your opinion that they are going to harm, and not help, a nation - is not vilifying a person.

I am going to be very blunt here. I can find no joy in the election of a man who has voted 4 times against the born alive act - calling the child born (now lets read these words very carefully) the child born alive accidentally while an attempt has been made against his life - this man has called this breathing living baby a BURDEN to its mother and as such has no right to life and therefore must be left to die, alone, uncared for on a cold hard medical table. This child is called to suffer in this manner because, through no fault of its own, two people decided s/he does not deserve life and their attempt to kill it failed. The born alive act was drafted to protect the child accidentally born alive during the attempt to kill him. Do you not see the irony of these words? DO you not see the contradiction to the very constitution of this country the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness...

I cannot celebrate the election of a president who does not hold these words dear. It matters not his colour, his race, his religious beliefs, his political beliefs - I cannot find joy in the election of one who will NOT stand by the right to life for a innocent baby - ripped from its mother's womb in an botched attempt to kill it.

Do not accuse me of VILIFYING such a man - because I have simply stated the truth, a fact. In my mind such actions and the demonstration of lack of compassion is nothing but pro death and is clearly pro infanticide - unless you are going to try and argue that the living breathing child on the abortionist's delivery table is not a human being - by the simple excuse that its mother did not want it.

I am NOT going to enter into dialogue about this. There is nothing to discuss. There are some who believe this man is great -I do not. There are some who believe he will bring about great change - in this we agree - but as to the positiveness of this change we do not agree. To state this is not to vilify him but is to state my opinion.

Do not try to bate me on this. It should be very clear from the very title of my blog that I am pro life - who else would be so open to life as to give birth to 12 children. I am not going to budge on this and am I will never celebrate the election of someone who is as pro death as Obama is. Nor did I celebrate the election of Clinton - for those very same reasons. I will not entertain discussions about comparing this to the war we are currently in - so do not even start with that line. There is no comparison between the destruction of an innocent baby in its mothers womb by it very own mother's REQUEST with the innocent civilians who die in war - as horrible and sad as those deaths are.

There can be no more evil, heinous act than for a mother to kill her own child and I can only call someone who supports not only that action, but also calls for the death of a child born alive "accidentally" what he is: pro death.

Please understand I will not print any more pro Obama comments so do not bother to leave them here. There are plenty of Pro Obama sites, find one of them and celebrate his election with his pro death promises over there.

Respectfully Yours:

Lorcan said...

Dear friend:
No intent to bate, or debate, simply God's love to thee and thine. God's will in God's time.
In dearest friendship

Diane said...

I have read and understand what you have stated and I mean no disrespect. I understand if you choose not to allow my comment, however I felt the need to write from another perspective.
May God Bless us all !

Since Tuesday night, I have heard from many Catholic's and Christians.( by reading the few blogs that I regularly visit , and receiving a box full of e mails) Most of their moods range from gloomy to down right angry. I did receive one e mail , however that supports what Catholicism, To me, is all about. The E mail started as most others with the sender's dissatisfaction with a pro choice president being elected,however instead of the regular doom and gloom it goes on to give things that we as Catholic's should be doing instead of simply complaining.
When I read of all of the things that your family did pre election,this E mail came to mind. The sender of this E mail suggested that since It looks like abortion will remain legal and may even get easier to come by and the need for Volunteers at your local Republican office has been reduced, why not volunteer at a Pro life Crisis Pregnancy center . Statistics show that many women who consider , or go through with having an abortion feel that they have no other choice.( no money, no place to live, etc) Volunteers are crucial in getting the word out that there is hope and help out there and all you have to do is ask . Of course this is not done by a group picketing abortion clinics and screaming nasty things to these woman, ( I have witnessed this a few times, and the rudeness and lack of compassion , by these so called Christians brought me to tears) it requires compassion and love.
One group of people who were doing pro life election calls decided that they will all get part time jobs with hours equal to what they were volunteering. The money from these jobs (after taxes of course) will be donated to pay a pro life counselor( who will work for reduced pay ) who will actually work in a clinic, talking to those considering abortion, about options. The writer of this E mail, whom I personally know ( not a forwarded message) stated that she was surprised at how willing the near by clinic was to allow this counseling as long as they didn't have to pay for it. This counselor would talk to as many of these women who would agree to talk to her ( they can not be forced to do so but again I am told that I would be surprised at how many agree) and supply these pregnant women with another volunteer or group of volunteers who would supply information and assistance in applying for and securing assistance and find a way for her to keep her baby or information on having the baby and giving some childless couple the gift of adopting.
Of course there are many other ways of helping,including , the best, Prayer, but I thought this was a really unique way of doing what you can for what you believe in considering the less than ideal circumstances.
Though I did not support McCain nor Obama and ended up , after much prayer, voting for the lesser of the two evils, I feel that none of that matters now. This great country of ours( no matter how mad we are or how we feel we have been wronged by this election) has elected a President. We must either choose to go on or find a better country to live in. Because I believe with all of my heart that there is no better than the good old USA I will go on. Will abortion remain legal ? It looks that way. Will it get easier to have an abortion ? Again it appears so. So what's next? As Catholic's we are called to pray , I don't mean half heartily I mean really pray and ask God for guidance. Let's ask God what we can do . And then lets do it ! With God all things are possible !

mum2twelve said...

These are all good ideas that have been suggested as means for actually being able to do something positive with the rage, appointment and shock we feel over the pro life issues this election.

More than ever we will need people volunteering for the pro life activities.

Some of our family members are already or have done this kind of volunteering.

Thank you for sharing these positive ideas.