Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day dreaming...

Cecilia recently celebrated her 1/2 birthday and I am thinking of splurging on a gift for her and I to share. We are still using her boppy pillow and in fact if she is fussing for me and we tell her to get her boppy pillow she instantly starts smiling because then she knows she is going to get to sit with mummy and nurse. The cover on our current boppy is well... faded and becoming stained.

Tell me what you think of this lovely cover? While it only has three reviews they are very positive! I thought about making one - but by the time you pay for the pattern, buy the material and then actually find the time to make one - you really are no further ahead than if you just plopped down your 19.95 plus S&H, don't you think? And it seems I'm not the only blogging mama who likes her boppy to be pretty and comfortable. When I look at that tiny baby sleeping in his boppy pillow I have to wonder was Cecilia ever really that little that she was once able to do that too?
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