Monday, April 10, 2006

Even animals know and achknowledge Christ's Presence in the Tabernacle

In 1995, during a visit to the US, Pope John Paul II, wanting some quiet time to pray, made an unannounced visit to a University Chapel in Baltimore.

As security protocol called for, sniff dogs were taken into the chapel ahead of John Paul II and they were lead up and down all the pews in the building. Finding all of them free of humans, the dogs were then led to the front of the chapel where they all stopped and pointed to the Tabernacle, indicating that they sensed a Human within. They would not leave the Tabernacle until called off by their handlers. At least ten security guards were witness to this.

When I read this post on our church’s bulletin board, a chill went up my spine. I will make sure that I pay more attention when I pass in front of our Tabernacle, which is just to the side of our church’s altar. I have, of late, gotten a bit careless and inattentive, taking Jesus’ Presence for granted. I am somewhat ashamed that it has taken a group of dogs to remind me of the reality of God's constant Presence in my church!

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