Friday, July 15, 2005

Where has my newborn gone to? She was so tiny, with flailing arms and stick legs when we brought her home in April. She was both plump and skinny as only a new born can be with rolls of extra skin waiting to fill out. Her tiny button eyes blinked with consternation as she attempted to absorb this puzzling new world that she was so suddenly exposed to. At times a double chin unfolded itself.

Where has she gone? It is as of her newborn body has just melted into a plumped out three month old. Her eyes are still button like and filled with curiosity that is slowly being replaced with looks of recognition as she develops memories of us all. She is wearing sleeves of fat and dimples on her arms now. The empty rolls of skin are no more, having filled out with endless meals of mother’s milk.

Her flailing movements are becoming more filled with purpose and sometimes her tiny hands actually connect, with the fingers intertwining, and she raises her arms and notices. She can hold up her wobbly head and glance around for short bursts of time before resting it again on the shoulder of whoever is holding her.

And her smiles – they just fill her face and spread over onto ours as we smile back, entranced. She is a newborn no more and while I miss my little newborn – I wouldn’t trade her for a second. She is just absolutely perfect as she is, double chin and all.

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