Friday, August 24, 2007

while we are at it....

... I thought that I would repost one of my favourite cartoons from the early days of my blog.
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'streaking" down memory lane...

Do any of you remember when so many many months ago, (was it really 24?) and Emma and I were in training? With lots of accidents? Well, it has been quite some time now since I have had to praise Emma for ummm, errr, going in the potty and not in her undies.

Well, that time has rolled around again and not only do I not have two puppies, also in training, but Elsa has decided all on her own that it is time for potty 101 to begin. This has meant a lot of "streaking" around the house, as well as countless costume changes. Diapers are lasting about 20 - 30 seconds as we decide to sit on the toilet and try again, and again, and again. Once worn, of course a diaper can not be reused as it is "tinky' or 'distusting' and simply cannot be re-velcrowed back on.

I thought it would be fun to repost the cartoons Anna created to go with the posts about Emma's toilet training. If you prefer, you can also click on the hyper links above and read the old posts as well. And if you would like to hear the hilarious song, The Streak, I have added it to the top of the play list. So sit back, listen to this really funny song from the eighties and look back over the cartoons. And I will go check for fresh puddles, pick up severalarticles of littered clothing, search out the abandoned yet dry diapers and make sure that we have not run out of toilet paper...

So enjoy the streak, err, stroll down memory lane while I figure out what to with myself after nearly 24 years of diaper changing coming to an end... maybe I can take up knitting??? Read more!


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Oh yum, a little potty with your tea, Madam?

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Okay... whose puddle is it this time?

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