Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jesse Tree Reminder....

We are only two weeks from the first Sunday in Advent and so I am posting a reminder that if you are hoping to follow our daily Jesse tree posts this Advent, so if you haven't already, it is more than time to gather the materials you will be using.

At the time of writing this reminder, I am planning to simply create paper symbols for the children to colour and make a large paper green tree that children can add their symbols to. Or perhaps I will have them each create a smaller tree - as a bedroom door or window decoration. At any rate - it will not be a permanent creation made of wood or, say, felt. Not this year - maybe next year!

So whatever type of material you are planning to use - start gathering it now. Also you might want to start hunting down your wreath and buy your candles. I know where my candles are - but, as is usual, I am not so sure where the wreath is!

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