Friday, April 25, 2008

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Story to your prayers.
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Update on the house...

... at this time we have called a halt to negotiations on the house. Reason - the bank is asking much more than we can pay in cash. So the next step is to seek a mortgage - which had been the original plan when we decided to invest our savings in a home for our family. However, when we saw this home and learned that our agent had recently seen some banks accepting very low bids at first offer - we decided it was worth a try.

The idea of this particular home is not completely out of the question - it is possible we can get it with a very small mortgage but before we go to that step we want to be pre-qualified.

Keep up the prayers both for the graces and that God will guide us to the right house, right decision and right area for our family. Where we are currently, is not a safe area for our children and we are anxious to move.

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Please Add...

...Gracie Jean and her family to your prayers. To read her story click here. Her family is from the town we live in and my neighbour knows her personally.
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