Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Remember my post earlier this week about the red envelope campaign? Well, what better Valentine gift could we give to the world than to make a huge impact on Obama with this Red Envelope Campaign?

Here are three sites that are promoting it. One of them, as of 5:30 pm EST Friday, had a record of 96000 envelopes mailed. Come on - we can MAKE IT 50 MILLION if we try hard enough to get the word out!

Just click here for the address again if you want to do this without visiting the above sites. Once there scroll down my previous post and you will have the address and the message to write on the envelope.

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Here comes those dogs...

Elsa is not sure what to think of these dogs... they are kind of cute but...

Oh oh.. they are coming closer!

Get them off! Get them off!!

WHEW!!! They're gone!

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