Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hoe Boy....

Just got back from getting the groceries with Hugo. We hit Aldis first and then Wal-mart and you don't want to know the total. Let's just say - even I was dismayed. However we were out of quite a few staples like sugar - just a mere 2.09 a bag at ALDIS! I also succumbed to buying myself a treat or two and so got a bag of sourdough bread as well as a bag of my, all time favourite, the 12 grain variety. Both boast a price of almost 3 dollars a loaf. I really need to go back to making my own.

But what I am really lamenting is that we did not stock up on water. But then we are no longer on a well - so even if we were to lose the power as the tip of the weather front slides over us the next few hours - we will still have water. Hopefully! But then I did nto expect to be flooded with the last storm front that passed over us and we are still without hot water from that episode.

Already I hear the soft patter of rain drops on the roof and the swish of tires on the wet pavement outside our windows. I just hope I am not also treated to the sound of cracking wood and ripping branches, as I was last week.

This will post tomorrow (Saturday) as I have already posted twice today and there is the slight chance of losing the power. In this way - I can assure my readers of something new to read in the morning.

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