Monday, August 15, 2005

Is It FAIR??

Sometimes I question God's sense of fairness. Sometimes - like now for instance as I watch Nathaniel who, just yesterday was still lanquishing about on the couch recovering from the virus that had caused a fever to spike as high as 105 (41.2c), is now able to tear about today as if he had never been ill. Not a care in the world, nor any responsibilites beyond being cute and helping his sister rip the living room apart whilst building great railroads for the world to admire...

But I, the heart of the family, am still just limping along. Barely a fever, but aching joints and sore throat still plague me slowing me down to a crawl!

Where does all of that energy come from - or perhaps the better question is - where did it all go? I am tempted to tell Nathaniel to slow down and try to conserve some of that excess energy for the future - for when he is 40 something and feeling - somewhat tired. Yet, I know if anyone had told me that when I was five, I would have stared at them as though they had three heads and eight eyes. In fact I would have still stared at them like that when I was eighteen? Me - old? Me - tired?

Still, I can't help but wish that someone had warned me and that I had been able to save a little of that precious energy for days like today! Yup - it somehow just doesn't seem quite fair - does it? Read more!