Sunday, July 03, 2005

Today we made our frequent pilgrimage to Pannera, following Mass. As I traipsed across the parking lot in our southern heat I caught a glimpse of myself as I passed window, after window. And I thought, somewhat sardonically;
“Hmm, it's good for me to get out – it allows to me to see just how much weight I have to lose.”
Of course, I am hoping that windows add width to one’s reflection, much like the t.v. camera is said to do. Having just having given birth 10 weeks ago I actually have quite a few pounds to lose, but am I really that big? I suspect that I probably am. I think I am going to go yardsaling soon for a bike. I’ll let you know how it goes!
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Ten of the Twelve

Here is ten of my brood of twelve - starting from the left, we have them in descending ages.
At the time of this photo they were;
Jennifer ~ 20
Jonathan ~ 19
Miguel ~ 17
Gabriela ~ 13
Anna ~ 11
Noah ~ 9
Benjamin ~ 8
Bethany ~ 6
Nathaniel ~ 4
Emma ~ 2
and number twelve was at, that time, still growing within! Our oldest was living in NYC and could not make it home for that Thanksgiving (04) We had just moved to this home in the weeks before, and had fun taking loads of pics, we were just sad that we did not have Amanda with us for them. (BTW if you click on the picture - it will open up to a larger view of it.)

Here is the newest addition to our family:

ELSA MARIE BERNADETTE - born April of 05. Currently the last of the trans generational kidlets...

Sadly, after Amanda came home last month to be introduced to her newest sibling, Elsa, all pictures of the her and the babe were accidently erased before I got them uploaded. The only happy result was that my husband (Possibly the guilty party???) bought me a new digital for my own use - not to be shared with the business any more! Anyway - no picture to post of the oldest yet. Not one anyway that she would not kill me for posting! Maybe this September when she hopes to come home again to play with her younger siblings and help out around the place we will get some more pictures of her and Elsita together. We all miss her esp. as she is an AWESOME cook! And I miss our daily teas! The time goes so fast as your children grow. I am currently using a snugli similar to the first I used TWENTY TWO years ago. Where did the time go to???

BTW - don't ask me why the photo of Elsita is pink ~ I don't know! Obviously a trick that my camera can play - I just have to learn how to manage it!

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