Thursday, March 30, 2006


This morning I woke up stressed, tired and irritated. I pulled myself out of bed at Emma's request for her morning baba. I stared at Elsa's cheerful grin and wondered why I do not wake with the same energy that little ones waken with, even if I went to bed BEFORE they did. Limping on a sore foot that has been hurting for months I crept down the stairs to the kitchen and was cheered a little by the clean sink. I made a mental note to make sure I thanked Anna for a job well down.

As I filled the baba with water under Emma's close scrutiny and added just the right amount of decafinated coffee before topping it off with her Vanilla Soymilk I glanced around the kitchen and dining area. What I saw made my heart heavy and was a far cry from what I would call clean, tidy and organized. This was despite great progress made with the coupon race on the wall. I decided we needed to call a family meeting and discuss the situation before I lost my cool.

An hour later we were, from Noah up, seated at the dining room table, steaming mugs of tea at our elbows, pens in hand and oodles of paper spread across the table. Lively discussions filled the air and I got up to refill my mug. As I crossed the room some little thing irritated me. It really irritated me. I struggled to repress this nasty emotion and a small bolt of lightening hit me. This small annoyance, was actually a gift. A gift for me - that I could give to Jesus. Such a simple concept that is so easily forgotten. I immeadiatly offered it up to Him. In doing so I immeadiatly felt lightened. A burden, even if rather tiny, had been lifted from my heart.

I determined right then and there that for the rest of the day I would take every little problem, annoyance, or itrritation that crossed my path and thank Jesus for it and then give it to Him.
If I can actually do this, I believe my day will be filled with joy. It will be better than a birthday as it will be filled with small gifts all day. Read more!