Wednesday, July 12, 2006

May I ask for prayers again...

There is nothing that tests one's faith more than having a child ill - even if they are an adult. And in this case it is one of my adult children who needs to undergo an MRI, and an MRA and it will be several weeks before we know the results - possibly early August.

Until then we will be hoping and praying for the best results and worrying about the possible worst while we struggle daily to leave it all in God's capable hands.

"Gentle Jesus - healing physician, lay your hands on my child's body and bless this child. If anything is wrong - heal it. Breath on the soul of my child and bless her soul and help her not to worry too much. Hear our prayers and bring us closer to you as we wait for the results of these tests.

Guide the hands of her human physicians and also help them to will see her as a whole person and help them to heal her in whole.


I will keep you posted, but I do not expect to have news before early August. Thank you all for your prayers, and also thank to all of you who have congratulated on us our new home. Pictures to post soon - if I can just find my camera - which is in the diaper bag... somewhere! Read more!
A most terrible tragedy has occured to a Catholic family this weekend. Please read the link to Danielle Bean's update on the untimely death of Joshua Michael and how his family is doing.

Families are donating money to buy a new vehicle for the family, please consider donating as well.

Joshua Michael

Please pray for Regina Doman.

Please forgive my terseness but this accident has left me wordless and in agony for the family and especially the mother.


Christi aka mum2twelve Read more!