Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fay wreaks havoc...

... even in our life. Today the gas will be turned off for safety as our gas appliances - the furnace and hot water tank are both sitting in about 6 - 8 inches of water. So no hot water for us for a while. A huge 12 foot limb is sitting in the back yard. And the tree it mysteriously fell off of, has large limbs sprawling over the roof of the house. As we can not ascertain why the limb fell - we are not sure if this tree is safe any more. There were no high winds when the limb broke so it seems as if the limb just became water logged... and it is raining even more this morning.... (Imagine pale face and huge eyes as you read this!!!)

And as all bad must come in threes - the a/c is not working on the second floor.

Today I mailed my rent cheque to the land lady - she will get it tomorrow with the 'list of threes'. Ok - I admit it - I am a COWARD. I do not want to tell her all the bad news in person. But keep us in your prayers as we deal with these little mishaps and difficulties while this poor woman sorts it all out.

But at least our road does not look like the roads in Salisbury * where we attend Mass and often shop as well as avail ourselves of the library. This is the Innis Road exit * which we usually use to go to Mass. Please keep the residents of this area in your prayers as the list of families that are being evacuated is growing and as I mentioned earlier - it is still raining.

(* Over time these links may cease to work.)

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Come on - Seriously now...

...did I really deserve a hit below the belt - just because I had to double check to make sure I had called someone by the right name. I mean, did I really deserve to be asked by Emma ... if I had lost my brain again? Followed by her impish giggle.

And no - I absolutely deny that I have ever lost my brain... ever. It just goes on vacation sometimes, without leaving a forwarding address. And that is completely different from losing or misplacing it. Right?

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