Monday, March 20, 2006

Some one suggested...

...that I consider writing a book of recipes for large families. I am going to take this under serious consideration and so... I am making a plea - anyone who has recipes that they would like to donate to this great idea please email them to mum2twelve (change at to the symbol) or, if you prefer, just post them in the comment section of this post.

These recipes do not need to be for servings of twelve and up - I will play around with them and increase the serving sizes. Our culinary life over the next months will be - interesting, to say the least!

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St Joseph's Table...

This year our parish will be celebrating St Joseph's day with a St Joseph's Table; you can read what that is here. We are really hoping we can attend, but that depends very much on our vehicle situation. If not, we will just have to be creative and have our own little feast right here.
Today is our eighth day of our novena to St Joseph. Please join us if you have time. There is a link in the post below if you care to participate.

Today I was reading Sister's Joy Notes and I came to Father Rory's daily Retreat and went to his actual blogspot and saw on the side of his page, 'Pray For Priests' and it struck me that today being the feast Day of St Joseph that as Foster father of Jesus - he must then also be Foster father of all priests as they are Christ's representatives here on earth. So what a perfect day for us all to recall the priests in our lives, as well as all members of the priesthood. Read more!