Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sugar Bugs and four year olds...

Recently I introduced to Emma the concept that sugar, if not brushed off your teeth, can cause sugar bugs. It has not produced the result I was looking if her recent comments and questions are any indication.
"Mamma, I need to feed my sugar bugs. You know the ones in my mouth."

"Mamma, can I have something to give to my sugar bugs."

"Mamma, I think my sugar bugs are hungry, I need to give them something right away."

"Mamma, can sugar bugs fly?"
I wish Honey, I sure wish they could just fly away! Read more!

Has your vocaulary changed?

Have the past two weeks caused a change in your vocabulary? It has mine.

Where I used to ask, if I wanted to listen to the news:
"Would someone turn the radio on?"
I now say;
"Anybody care to turn Anna Nicole on?"

Anyone else out there experiencing a similar change in vocabulary? Read more!