Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Prayer Request....

A very dear friend by the name of Kelly is being induced, for medical reasons, tomorrow. Kelly and Billy have been like an adopted big brother and sister to my second oldest - Jenny. I cannot thank them enough for the love and care they have extended to my daughter over the past four or five years. The least I can do at this wondrous time of preparing to give birth, or as it is said in Spanish bring their child to the light, is to ask you all to pray for Kelly, Billy and their son who is waiting to come to the light tomorrow.

God Bless their family as they wait to welcome their fourth son into the nest!
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It's a cat's life... but whatcha gonna do?

"Man - it's crowded here and that Sam is taking up most of the space with his furry white bottom! Drat him!" thought James to himself. "But I have a plan if I can just get the youngster to go along with me. "

"Milo, my man, you like how I let you eat first at the dish, right? Well, how about you return the favour and help me push hog face Sam off. He is crowding us big time! ...
No? Fine!"

"Sam - you know how the squirt is always hogging the dish at dinner time. How about a little pay back, eh? Lets push him off so we can have this shelf to ourselves, hey buddy old boy?"

Peace reigns...
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Angels at work

I have a prayer that I always try to remember to say before we leave the driveway in a vehicle, although on occasion I don't remember it until we have to make a sudden swerve or stop due to traffic or worse, a toy pelting through the air and hitting the frontseat.

It is a simple pray, possibly I have posted it before. I simply ask the Blessed Mother to place her mantle of protection over us as we drive, and through her intercession to protect us from dangerous, careless or drinking drivers as well as to help us to be careful, observant drivers while also protecting us from mechanical failure of any sort - from bumper to bumper.

Recently we made one of our 24 hour swirl trips to Ohio with the typical stop at Tim Hortens. Money being a bit tight we only purchased one can of coffee, decaf for me, and I am saving it for Thanksgiving. The anticipation of the heavenly smell of freshly brewed Tim Hortens sustains me even as I type.

But I digress, not having a cup of tea or coffee at my elbow I am not as focussed as usual.

We had made good time through the night and had stopped to rest in L'otel Van, as my husband refered to it. At about 6 we received our wake up call compliments of L'otel Van's curly red headed concierge so we deflated the mattress and tucked a few sleepy heads back into their car seats or seat belts.

We pulled back onto the highway and once more I prayed to Mary asking of her intercession and to place her mantle of protection on us. Before long we could see the tall outlines of Columbus looming ahead of us. Benjamin asked if the Christmas lights or the manger scene would be up yet. I didn't think so but we were delighted as we passed the block long manger scene and I lamented that I had forgotten the camera.

We sped along and soon left downtown behind and began to pass into the more domestic section of Columbus with houses gathered close to the roadside. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied an adult out on their front lawn with a small white dog at their feet and this drew my attention to another pet further from the owner. A handsome, full grown German Shepherd. I admired his form as we drew closer but suddenly in an effort to tease his owner the dog made a dash in the direction of the van. My sudden gasp caused my husband who was intent on the traffic and watching for the intersection he needed to glance at me. In horror we watched the owner wave his arms frantically and the dog, oblivious to death looming ahead, continued his joke. His eyes on his owner as he continued his mad dash away, he was heading straight for our front tires. In the desperate hope of not hitting him my husband slamed on the brakes and seeing room in the next lane tried to steer away. Death was certain for this foolish dog and I braced for the impact, already hearing the inevitable thud in my mind. There was not even time to pray.

Suddenly, the German Shepherd slammed into a wall of air. His head still turned to watch his owner, he came to a sudden halt with his hind quarters jamming up into his ribs. He was inches from the curb and our van slipped by, not touching him. I began to breath again while Hugo and I glanced at each other. It had all happened so fast the younger children in the back had not even noticed.

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