Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We must pray...

As you know from previous posts I am very pro-life. Heck, I guess my blog’s name proclaims that for me.

I would like to offer up this article for you to peruse at your leisure. Not sure how long this URL will be active so I would not delay too long. I realize that the author of this article is not the most popular with some people, but please do not allow this to stop you. Please be warned some of this article might be very disturbing. It is not gory or anything like that, it's just seeing in black in white, where we have already advanced to in this area is rahter disturbing.

It is also serves as a reminder as to how much we really must PRAY!!

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PROLIFE CLASSICS... has recently created a wonderful way for people to donate to their great cause. As you know, I have plugged their search engine in the past because they use the funds generated by the text ads on their search page to donate to Prolife groups. You can check them out here.

What is really exciting though is this new idea they have recently introduced.
Prolife Classics!

To quote them directly; "This collection includes the "heavy hitters" of Church tradition and history including Thomas a Kempis, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Frances de Sales, St. Augustine, St. Therese of Lisieux, and many others."

You can get a "Sneak Preview" of the Essential Classics of Catholic Spirituality by clicking the link below and you can even get a Free bonus eBook they put together called Classic Quotes of Catholic Spirituality. It's full of powerful quotes by some of the authors mentioned above and is a great prelude to their Advent preparation for Christmas. I belive it can be downloaded immeadiatly."

The last I heard was that this seems to be a very popular venture and they have had to increase the bandwidth to be able to serve everyone who is jumping at the chance to support their attempt to create oodles of funds for the prolife groupss.

Please do not miss out on the chance to enjoy the classics they are offering as well as a chance to make a difference in the prolife movement. This is a wonderful way to donate to the cause. You get access online to some absolutly wonderful books and money is generated that will help safe a life.

I am so sorry I did not get this posted earlier but we have been on the road this week. I did send out this link to many of my friends but in order that more can see it I have posted it as well.

Please do check it out and be sure to share the link. I will post it as the straight URL so that it is easy for people to just cut and paste it if you want to share it with other friends you know might want to support this drive for funds for the prolife movements!

God Bless and please help make this successful I am impatient to know how much they generate through this effort. They do have a charity link where you can see to whom they have donated and how much!

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Blessed are the frazzeled...

One of the mums who has joined the MROL group that has recently sprung up has given me permission to share the following poem. We had asked for ideas for the page about dealing with little ones in Mass and she contributed this awesome poem of which she is the author! Please be sure to share this poem with other parents whom you see struggling with little ones. I know of one Dad whom I could tell by the end of the Mass was wondering WHY BOTHER!? This poem tells us why bother in such an amusing and uplifting way. Thank you SO MUCH Jayne for sharing this insightful and amusing poem! I think I will share this poem with that dad this Sunday - hopefully he will be there! Maybe I should also give him the URL to the page with ideas for coping with Mass and little ones too. Many wonderful ideas have been offered and will be posted there soon! Now with no further a due....

Blessed Are The Frazzled

I can state without hestitation
That Mass is supposed to be
A time of quiet and meditation
On our Faith and its mysteries

But there is no reflection and quiet
When accompanied by my family
At worst, it is more like a riot
Mass does not seem planned for me

The choir has rehearesed for hours
Music to inspire lofty thoughts
But alas they do not have the power
To stop the squabbling of my tots

No lofty thoughts can be inspired
While I'm busy as a referee
Instead, I think of how I'm tired
Of "Mommy, she stuck her tongue out at me"

The priest, a very learned man
Has prepared an erudite homily
I always listen when I can
But someone says, "I have to pee"

It's beyond my powers of concentration
To follow the reading and the prayers
I feel a builiding sense of frustration
That somehow this really isn't fair

I'm doing my best to do my duty
To raise a Christian family
But in the Mass, with all its beauty
Where is some support for me?

I have given up on concentration
"Children won't you please sit still"
By the time we reach the Consecration
"OK kids, its time to kneel"

I get in the Communion line
In a rather frazzled state
When the thought enters my mind
That I don't need to concentrate

Without my help, without my power
God is the One who transforms the bread
Even if I sit there an hour
Wihout hearing a word that has been said

Christ Himself enters my soul
And I am transformed by hope
The Love of God makes me whole
Gives me strength to help me cope

The Mass is for me, after all
Not just prepared for others
Though I misss out on the preaching and singing and all
Communion is for mothers.
(Author Jayne K.)
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