Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Anonymous Comments

As of today anonymous commenting has been blocked on this blog. I am sorry for this as I know some readers are not registered with google and, as such, will no longer be able to comment unless they register. However, I have yet to receive a nasty comment (and I mean NASTY!) that was NOT anonymous.

I am tired of cowards.

One of the more recent nasty comments was like a kick in the stomach and took my breath away. I could not understand what I had done or written to unleash such a vicious comment. I don't like that an anonymous person was able to leave such a stain on my day. And, as I believe that all nasty comments that are left anonymously are left by cowards... I sincerely doubt I will have to moderate any more nasty ones. These individuals simply will not have the courage to leave their name attached to their ugly words.

I have no problem publishing varying views from my own and I don't mind publishing comments that are critical of me. I have done so in the past. But some comments are just plain ugly and not deserving of being published and so my readers have not been subjected to them. But I am no longer willing to subject myself to them because, you see, while I have not published the ugly nasty comments - I have still had to read them.

Now if someone wants to be incredibly rude, offensive and/or vulgar... they will have to do so while leaving a trail that can be followed. This will allow me to be able to report them to Google should I warrant it necessary.

Again I apologize to the readers who have taken advantage of the anonymous comments to leave positive, interesting and sometimes critical comments while also including a first name. I am sorry that the cowardice of others has forced me to take this route. I hope you will understand.

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Jesse Tree - First Wednesday in Advent

This, the first Wednesday in Advent, takes us back to the 40 days of the flood and Noah and is typically represented with a dove over water with what I think is an olive branch in its beak.
Click here to go to Domestic church to find the matching symbol.

Genesis 6:11-22
Genesis 8: 6-12

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