Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jesse Tree - First Wednesday in Advent

This, the first Wednesday in Advent, takes us back to the 40 days of the flood and Noah and is typically represented with a dove over water with what I think is an olive branch in its beak.
Click here to go to Domestic church to find the matching symbol.

Genesis 6:11-22
Genesis 8: 6-12



Beth said...

Hi Christi! Tell Anna that I don't think her names are ridiculous... in fact Sebastian is one of my favorites! (But I don't think Ken is going for it!)

CP said...

We missed tonight on the Jesse Tree, Brett got very sick very quickly and taking care of him trumped the tree. We'll be doing days 4 and 5 tomorrow to make up for it though.

mum2twelve said...

Welcome to the club. I have been on bed rest and taking herbs to stop early contractions... so we are a little behind as well. Hope you little one feels well soon. The herbs are doing the trick and today I will try to spend some time sitting downstairs with everyone in my new glider rocker.