Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay - she is not exactly here. She is in the airport here in NC - but at least she is not still at JFK in NYC. We will head to Charlotte to pick her up from her sister's later this afternoon - she needs some sleep before we pounce on her - with eight kids and all.

I have decided that for the next two weeks, baring funny comments from the peanut gallery - I will focus on posting pictures. Already have some adorable ones waiting their turn. Also have a few nature ones - which given we live in a small town - it is pretty amazing the nature my kids can turn up!

So - see you in the pictures....

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Please pray...

...for our daughter who is sitting in an airport in NYC and has been there since about 2 pm yesterday. A lovely storm passed through - causing chaos and turmoil, delayed flights and finally oodles of canceled flights.

Aimee flew in from Ireland and has been up since 2 am Eastern Standard time - THURSDAY or over 28 hours. Now they tell her that she is on stand by until SATURDAY MORNING. Please pray she makes the next flight which is at 7 am.

Thank you for the prayers - I am praying the phone does NOT ring as it will mean she made it onto the 7 am flight.

Blessings to you all

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