Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bethany Rose... March 22

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birthdate and a pic...

for Miss Bethany will follow soon so that readers may honour her request that people be happy on her birthday! It would be lovely if readers could post the happy thing they did on that day - so we can share them with Bethany, who recently slipped a five dollar bill from her hard earned savings into her daddy's pocket. Why did she do that?

"Because someone stole 100 dollars from Daddy's business. This way - it's only 95 dollars!"

And yes - someone stole... a little over a hundred dollars from us... by using a stolen credit card to buy something from us! Still, it is the victim whose credit card (and possibily even his identity) is the one who has possibly suffered the greater financial loss and stresses. And sadder still, the thief.... has lost even more - his or her moral compass. Please pray for them both, this victim and the thief. Read more!