Saturday, August 30, 2008

Will Gustave...

disrupt the GOP Convention this coming week - is a question upper most in a lot of people's mind. For our family the pressing question is whether it's remnants or that of the other storm forming off of the coast cause us to be flooded again?

After all we have been sans hot water since the 27th of August and are looking at being without it for possibly another full week. With not one, but two hurricanes, threatening us, even if only with torrential rains - the burning question is whether to pay a private contractor to inspect the furnace and hot water tank before turning on the gas - when we are possibly looking at being flooded again sometime in the coming week?

While it is not a big deal to heat hot water to wash the pots and pans or zap a dishcloth to wash the table - generating enough hot water to bath eleven people is another story. Just a little something to offer up and help one appreciate the difficult life of the pioneers!

So prayers will be gratefully accepted over the next few days!

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Welcome baby girl to the family!!!

We are proud to welcome this darling little baby to our family. This is John and Jenny's first darling daughter born via emergency c-section just this month. She weighs 8 lbs 9 oz and is 21 inches long. From her side profile she looks just like her daddy - from the front - she is all our side of the genetic pool! So now I have a household of proud aunts and uncles - all champing at the bit to hold their new niece - even three year old Elsa is impatient to see and hold her. She keeps talking about buying her a present and I have just the right one in mind.

(PLEASE NOTE: Names and birth date withheld for family privacy so friends who are privy to this information & wish to leave a comment please be careful NOT to use baby's name or birth date or regretfully I will not be able to post the comment. Thank you!)

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Republican's VP Candidate

No, the new Republican candidate for McCain's running mate is not the man on the left - but rather is the beautiful woman on the right - Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, mother of five. To read about the recent birth of the Palin's fifth child and their reaction to the news that he was a downs syndrome baby - click here.

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