Friday, September 22, 2006

It is with grateful hearts...

Roll the camera forward in time by about 8 years to Jenny's tenth summer.

Speed forward 5 years to May of 2006.....

...that we announce the engagement of Jennifer Alicia to John Francis who intend to wed this coming June at Belmont Abbey.

(My apologies to John, when I edited the picture of him alone with Elsa, I wrote the wrong middle name on it. Blush!!!)

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A picture is worth a thousand words...

...and if that is the case than over the next few days I will be posting hundreds of thousands of words. While I love to write, times are a bit rough in this household and I need to really put my hand to the plow for a little while and so I will try to use the camera as the window to our busy life instead of the pen. (Or the key board, to be more exact!)

Some exciting news will shortly be posted, but first we have been trying to contact close friends nad familly members before posting this announcement. Look for it soon! (Shhh - those of you who already know, no HINTS in the comments section!)

Please pray for our family as we tough out this month. The Lord is, in some ways strangely silent, as we pray and contemplate our financial future and try to grapple with changes we have made and are still making. Yet He has not abandoned us... He is keeping us just barely above water and, in doing so, truely pulling our eyes towards Him. Much like the Chosen people as they followed the pillar of fire through the dessert to the Promised Land. So are we trying to follow Him, but unsure of where He is leading us, we feel full of trepidation - not even sure we will recognize our promised land when we get there. So please do pray for us! Read more!

A lot of little help!

A lot of little help can really slow you down. And in this household of many - there is always a lot of help being offered. You can not even do as distasteful a job as cleaning the litter box without a lot of little hands offering to dust up the litter, hold open the trash bag, and a few eager to actually scoop the litter and not always with the scoop.

Making your bed becomes a challenge with so many little bodies helping to smooth the cover, only the wrinkle it all over again when they can not help but to roll across it, giggling, to get to the wrinkles on the other side.

And as you can see from the post below - baking is NEVER a solitary job in this home. While the saying goes; too many cooks spoil the broth, I think in this case - it just sweetens the pot. Read more!

A little taste of Baking Day in our home!

Hmmmm, what do we need next?

So.... is Mummy looking?

Whilst Emma is thinking "Wow - Baking is MESSY - look at my hands... Elsa continues to sample the brown sugar!

Too much of a good thing!

One the day's finished products!

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