Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Grammar 101 for 4 year olds...

After a fairly hectic week I was ready for some important work. So I gathered the three youngest and we dug out a movie I have heard playing in the back ground fairly often lately, but had yet to see. But the giggles often heard while it was on had my interest piqued.

With Elsa on my lap and Emma and Nathaniel each guarding one side of me we hit play on the clicker (remote) and sat back to enjoy the movie. Before long something really silly happened in the movie causing Emma to giggle and look at me saying:

"That isn't the silliest thing I didn't ever see!"

"Is it?" I asked her seriously.

"Yeah!" she said and glued her eyes back on the screen.

I was left thinking over "That isn't the silliest thing I didn't ever see"

Hmmmm, translation anyone? Read more!

At last...

We have been able to post a few reviews. Our goal is to post at least two reviews a week and during November and early December we hope to concentrate on movies that will be fun to work into our holiday viewing when looking for a quiet activity to do with friends or family during the Christmas break.

We hope to have a mix of religous, classic as well as just pure funny family entertainment included in our reviews. Please peek into Catholic, Classic and Current Book and Movie Reviews often, and see if we have reviewed something you might like to watch. Read more!