Sunday, April 16, 2006

Amit's Shoes...

“Jonatan”, Emma called happily. “Look, Mummy bought me somes new shoes! Hee!”

“Oh,” Jonathan murmured appreciatively. “They’re nice.”

“Yet!”, Emma readily agreed. “Dey are, Dey are my NEW shoes. Dey are my Amit Shoes!”

Amit is the Indian gentleman that owns and runs the gas station next door. Typically when Emma walks there with me she picks a flower or two for Amit, who graciously receives these mutilated blooms. He has three daughters of his own and realizes the importance of these offerings. Sometimes Amit returns the favour by offering Emma a free candy of her choice from a colourful selection of Laffy Taffy.

Jonathan studied her shoes closely and then seriously stated. “Oh, really – but I don’t see Amit on your shoes.”

Not content with this response Emma pointed enthusiastically to the pink strap across the front of the new sandle that adorned her left foot.

“Hee – it tays Amit shoes right here!”

“Oh, really?”, queried Jonathan. “Well – I don't see where they say Amit’s on them, but I think they are very pretty shoes.

Emma stared at him for a moment looking very disatisfied, before she tried again.

“Yet dey do! Wite here. Hee!” Again she pointed to the same pink strap. “Dey say; Very pwetty Amit shoes!”

And, of course, this was followed by the inevitable question. “Tan you take me to Amit’s in my Amit shoes?”

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Happy Easter to All of you!

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An explanation...

I don't beleive I explained the tradition of our Easter tree very well. Typically on Good Friday at three o'clock we plant our dead tree, usually in the front yard. And there it sits all weekend until the Easter Vigil, a symbol that reminds us all of Christ's death.

This tradition started shortly after Teddy's birth when I found myself with eight children and pregnant with the ninth and too tired to deal with five children, 8 and under, at the 3 o'clock stations of the Cross. Yet I wanted the day to be special for the children and not just be a holiday. It was Amanda, as I mentioned in the previous post, who told me about the tree. She found it in a book of Easter traditions, if I remember correctly. There were some prayers originally that we said as we prepared the tree. I need to see if I can find them again as I have a new crew that would appreciate them. So for many years while the older children went to the Stations of the Cross the younger ones and I planted our Easter Tree.

And yes - the tree above IS the resurrection of the tree below. And BTW, you can click on any of the photos on the blog and they will open up into a bigger picture.

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