Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fortuitous Question...

Just before Mass began we had the inevitable slew of bathroom requests. I ushered Emma into the only empty stall noting a pair feet in the other one. As I leaned against the door so that she would not have to bother with the lock, I called to her:

"Let me know if you need help, ok?"

From behind the door beside us came a little voice:

"I need some help!!"

Surprised, I glanced down and sure enough those were very little feet behind the door. Worried perhaps someone's small daughter had locked herself in I asked can you unlock the door. She replied in the affirmative and so let me in. She simply had a rather difficult snap that needed done up so I swiftly snapped it for her and she was off without another word.

I guess it was lucky for her that I just happened to ask if someone needed help at the moment she needed it. As I watched her head out the door I felt gratitude for this small moment of service to someone else's child, whom I did not even know and it reminded me of how we are all one family under one God - and we should always be mindful of the opportunity to serve one another. Read more!