Friday, May 19, 2006

In danger...

We are in danger at this moment. I can feel the temptation to get on with the day. And pass on the Rosary. The laundry is piled up way past Mt. Everest. And my two oldests sons need laundry for the wedding they are attending out of town tomorrow. The two dogs still need to be walked.

The shipping board for the business has reached ten packages and we are are trying to keep it to no more than five waiting to ship. More items have bids which means this number is about to surge even higher.

Children want cuddles and attention. Groceries need to be bought. Items must get lsited for auction and I must put together a meal plan.

The temptation to put prayers to the side and just get on with the day is great. Yes, we are in danger indeed! We are in danger of idolatry. My family is in danger of putting our work before GOD. So now I must stop, take a deep breath and put away the list of things to do that is compiling in my mind and just take 20 minutes to pray with the family. It is only in doing this that I can be assured of getting possibly half of the to do list completed. Most importantly, I will have Jesus and Mary at my side because I will have taken the time to invite them to join me in this sure to be crazy, hectic and completly normal day. Read more!

Looking for direction from big sister.

A few days ago, twelve month old Elsa and three year old Emma were playing together in my bedroom, and the air was filled with Elsa's chortles and Emma's giggles as they wrestled and rolled about on my bedroom floor. At one point they made their way onto my freshly made bed and while I was sorting clothes into Nathaniel's dresser I heard a sudden clunk which was followed by complete silence.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught the reason for this sudden freeze in their play. Emma's cheek had made contact with Elsa's chin. Elsa's eyes were locked on Emma's face waiting for her cue. Was this a crying moment or not? Emma's hand felt her cheek and her eyes began to fill and a wail quickly filled the pregnant silence.

Hup - there was Elsa's cue! She immeadiatly turned to me with her arms outstretched and a quiver on her lower lip. Her sobs joined Emma's and I hid my grin in her shoulders while she sought comfort for her war wounds. Emma also wrapped her arms around my neck as she sobbed into my ear. Interestingly enough though it was Elsa, who had had to search for a clue as whether this injury warrented tears or not, who was still in my arms being comforted long after Emma had recovered and moved on to her next activity.

And to be honest, I didn't mind those few extra minutes of holding her warm, chubby little body with her soft red curls next to my cheek. In fact, I quite enjoyed them. Read more!