Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

... to all of our spiritual fathers - our priests and our God Fathers. To our earthly fathers, whether our own or the fathers of our children. We entrust you all to our heavenly foster father, St. Joseph.

"O Glorious Saint Joseph, you were chosen by God to be the foster father of Jesus, the most pure spouse of Mary, ever Virgin, and the head of the Holy Family. You have been chosen by Christ's Vicar as the heavenly Patron and Protector of the Church founded by Christ.

Protect the Sovereign Pontiff and all bishops and priests united with him. Be the protector of all who labor for souls amid the trials and tribulations of this life; and grant that all peoples and fathers of the world may be docile to the Church without which there is no salvation."

Thank you Heavenly Father both for my father and the father of my children. Both of them are awesome men who are much to be admired. Both are hard working men after the spirit of St Joseph, both are lovers of Christ after the heart of St. Joseph. And both have blessed my life greatly and for that I am profoundly grateful. Thank you Dad and Thank you Hugo.

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