Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Little Favour to Ask...

Mum2twelve needs some help, a little input if you would. As you know Emma Louise Kathleen is pottie training and has been making progress. She loves to show me on a regular basis - her accomplishments. Whether I am on the phone, eating, or nursing the baby at any moment, I might have the pottie waved under my nose. Yes- right under my nose!

But while there is progress, I have run into a problem that I have never experienced in the toilet training of my previous ten children. As long as Emma is bare bttomed she will remember to use the pottie, but let us dress her in panties and she wets them and only then runs to the pottie to "finish".

Having had so much illness in the house along with just the normal 'heckness' of running a business out of the home - I must admit that I have not been a 100 % concentrated on her training. Still, my experience has been that once the child has gotten the idea of what the pottie is for - we could start using undies with few accidents. Right now, a pair of undies equals 100 % accidents.

My question is; "Has anyone else experienced this with their child and if so - how long did it take before the child could start to wear the undies with a "normal" amount of accidents?" Normal meaning possibly one accident a day, with them spacing out slowly until they are non-existant. And the time frame being a month or two. I am just flabergasted by the 100 % predictability of undies equals puddles! But bare bottom equals 100 % use of the pottie.

Here is the favour I am asking - would people having experience with this, or a having suggestion, leave a comment or send an email to mum2twelve@yahoo.com. I would so appreciate it.

Emma will be three in a month, and while I know every child is different, this is VERY different from my vast and varied experience! Still, I am sure others have experienced this. I probably should just be surprised it took to # eleven to have this problem.

Many thanks in advance!
Blessings from
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