Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Vigil...

We made it to the Easter Vigil with all of the family save one - Amanda, who is in Ireland right now. Thankfully, despite the crowded conditions of our pew, only one child singed his bangs - just as I took the youngest to the bathroom. Luckily Miguel caught sight of the poof of Nathaniel's bangs and clapped his hand over his forehead in time to keep any serious damage from happening.

Otherwise, it was a very peaceful event, at least it was when Elsa and Emma were not "discussing" whose crayon was whose as they coloured pictures of the Divine Chaplet I had brought with me.

As we got home from Saint Michaels, a 90 minute drive for us, at about quarter of one (A.M.) the Easter Angles were a little tardy with putting out the gifts and chocolate bunnies. While I failed to get pictures of the table - I did get photos of some of the results of the sidewalk chalk they got. I will post them later - as a slide show on the side bar. Read more!