Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pinata Slide Show...

The day after Christmas is observed in Canada, and other countries, as Boxing Day. This is the day our family has our Christmas dinner for various reasons I may have explained before; but if not feel free to ask and I will tell all later. This year our oldest daughter Amanda decided she thought it was time for a new tradition and she opted for a Pinata.

I have added a slide show on the side bar of some of the highlights - but unfortunately it does not show as well in the side bar as it does full screen. After all of my work I feel obliged to leave it up, at least until I have something better to put in its place.

I hope to post more later but to be honest, my brain has run away again. Hopefully it will come home soon. Tomorrow though, we will all be Charleston, South Carolina delivering a compressor so if it should come home tomorrow (my brain - that is) there will be no one here but the dog to receive it. Let's hope he doesn't decide it is a chew toy!

You see how my humour deteriorates when I have no brain... Read more!