Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PSSSST! Want in on a great bargain???

Have two years already flown passed by since John and Jenny got married and has little Lydia who was just born last year already become a toddler? With a growing family - comes growing expenses, as we all know! So to help meet the costs of raising a growing family - Jenny has branched out into Mary Kay and has become a rep with her own WEBSITE! To help jump start her sales Jenny is offering a three day sale on all website orders!

Here in her own words are the details of the sale:

Anyone who orders off of my website before Thursday October 29th 2009 (by 11:59pm) will receive 15% off of their total order! I am also offering free shipping and handling, and a free product sample. There are loads of items for under $10 and even some great mens' products. If you are not a big makeup person, Mary Kay also has great skincare products! (Free S/H in the Continental US only)

I have been having some early morning fun playing with the virtual make over. You can actually upload your own photo and for the fun of it I cropped a picture of myself and **uploaded it. It is amazing software that carefully examines the picture you uploaded and helps you pin point your lip corners, eyes etc. It was very easy to work with and a lot of fun. So much so that I am going to get one of the kids to take a picture of me as per the instructions of how to take a good makeover photo and play some more. I might even share the before & after shots! So stay tuned and make sure that while you wait with baited breath for these photos of me you check out Jenny's website and save save save. Now would be a great time with Christmas less than TWO MONTHS away to pick up some gifts AND even some stocking stuffers. FIFTEEN PERCENT OFF AND FREE SHIPPING!

Come on - I'll race you over there. And hey - if anyone else is crazy brave enough to post before and after photos on their sites - leave a comment so we can all applaud the results!

Remember the sale ends October 29th (2009) midnight Don't miss out on it!

** If you want to upload a photo of yourself they do ask you to create an account where you give your name and email address ONLY. There is no request to purchase anything. Alternatively you can chose a model - which I initially did. When you use that option they do not ask you to create an account. While using the virtual make over no Credit card info or mailing address is asked for. When I went back to the site I was able to sign in and voila there was my cropped photo already for me to play with again. Better than playing dress up with Barbie - I promise!

(Free S/H in the Continental US only)
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