Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome to the Church Baby Lydia...

Father begins the Baptism, assisted by the deacon. Father took his time though the baptism, stopping to explain each step. Here he begins to explain the significance of naming your child.

Father blesses baby Lydia with special oils, that smell like heaven. I always enjoy this wonderful smell that lingers for so long on the newly baptized baby and her garments. For weeks after the baptism, when I open the closet that houses the baptismal blanket that was used, this smell greets me, reminding me of that very special day when my child offically joined the family of God

Father blesses the water in the baptismal font where, in just a few short minutes, Lydia Marie is about to be baptized.

Baby Lydia has the holy waters of baptism poured on her and she becomes a member of the holy family of God.

The parents are blessed.

Father, god parents, parents, baby Lydia and Deacon all smile for the camera. Ok, Lydia just dozed, but everyone else smiled.

God parents et all...

God mother & God daughter share a moment.

Lydia's cake

Laying out the goodies...

Opa showing the world that not only women can balance a baby and a dinner plate, while Lydia appears to be giving him directions!

The God Parents, our son Jonathan and a close family friend Theresa, visit with one of Lydia's guests.

Most of the guests are gone, the party is almost all cleaned up from and Emma enjoys one last piece of baptismal cake. Emmm yum!


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Diane said...

How beautiful and what a beautiful name too !
Was her gown an heirloom ?

I too remember the heavenly smell of the oils used to anoint in Baptism. This reminds me of when a very close friend of mine, who happens to be of the Methodist faith,was attending my youngest's baptism. After mass she was holding my son as he slept, just staring at his face. As I walked to them, without taking her eyes off him she stated, Wow, you Catholic's sure don't scrimp on the oil do you ? I guess that her church only used water so this was kind of new to her. Just one of those things that sticks in my mind .

Congratulations !