Monday, March 10, 2008

Prayer prayers prayers....

... we need a few prayers please!

We are waiting on a cheque that has been sent by courier and apparently the company that mailed it, chose to mail it the slowest, cheapest way possible and without a tracking number.

Groceries are low and the pennies are being counted and stretched as far as possible.

Please join our pleas to Heaven that this money gets to us as soon as possible. God willing tomorrow, because even if it were to arrive tomorrow we will not be able to access the funds from it until Wednesday. The Lord has been good providing for us with Manna from Heaven - always just enough.

We have rarely, for the past two months, had more than a third of a tank of gas - usually it is just a quarter tank - just enough to get us there and back for any errands needing to be done. We have been buying food enough for one to two days at a time.

Hugo is about one third through his certification process and sadly - although I have been working for two months writing for this non profit company - they have yet to be able to pay me. This Lent has been a streeeeeetching of faith exercise for us.

I have not always done well - but I have done better than in the past. And we have experienced some little miracles as a result. For instance last week, old Mother Hubbard's cupboards were bare and so were the bank accounts. There was little reason to expect any eBay sales to pull us through the next 48 hours and I was feeling low.

"Lord," I grumbled, "I thought we had a deal. I thought I was to have faith and you were to provide." I grumbled some more to Him and struggled with the crisis of faith I was having and finally I threw up my hands and said; "Okay Lord, if this is how it is to be - I am needing some graces to deal with this. I can not do this alone - I NEED You to carry me. I need YOU to give me the graces I need to believe and to relax and not to worry."

It was then that, out of the blue, I remembered our gracious priest from a previous parish who had mailed us a gift card a few weeks previously but I could not remember where I had put it. I asked Saint Anthony to help me remember where it was.

"A black binder," sounded in my head.

I reached for the one next to me - nope.

"Upstairs," whispered a voice in my brain.

I dashed upstairs and found another black binder beside the desk in my bedroom. I opened it and looked in the sleeve. There was the Wal-mart card!

I danced a jig and the whole family rejoiced. We were able to buy enough food for two days with that card. Always just enough - just like the Manna from heaven.

So please pray with us while we wait for next gift of Manna or the cheque to come - whichever happens first. Read more!