Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have been busy blogging these days as you can see. I will take a break for a day or two now, unless something incredibly funny happens that I simply MUST share with you, or I become aware of a prayer request we need to share. I do have a site I am hoping to share with you that is pro-life so I will be trying to post about that soon. Thanks for the heads up on that Michaela! I hope too to very soon be able to share a project that I have been working on with an author from my beloved homeland, Canada.

In the mean time for the next day or two as I attend to a few things with the business and school that will keep me from the key board, I have a new poll up that I would love to have some input on. The poll reflects that I currently have a music player that launches itself upon opening the blog. My husband wonders if some people find that annoying and I too wonder if some mums settle down to read with a baby nursing who perhaps become distracted by the music so I am contemplating changing the code so that readers can launch the player rather than have it launch itself.

For now I am also changing the songs about and the majority of them are soft songs and the louder ones are lower in the play list. Please so share your opinion so I know how you feel about the player.

God Bless and may you all have a blessed and peaceful Feast Day - the Assumption. BTW, I have been informed by Bethany Rose who was confirmed at her baptism in the Byzantine Rite that as she eventually chose Mary as her confirmation name - this is also HER feast day and she should get to chose dinner. Read more!

Poll Results...

Mummy guilt - looks like we all suffer from it. We had 89 parents participate in the poll and the results are now in!

The largest source of guilt among us is not listening more carefully to that long winded, err rather, that heavily detailed dream. Close on the heels of this source of guilt is the wish to read and cuddle more often at bedtime. And firmly in third place is letting our little kidlets watch too much tv.

Now how easy it would be to ease all of these sources of guilt by making sure that the TV was turned off after dinner and instead of taking in a video or tv show, we all sat around the living room and one of the older members of the family read a chapter each night from a classic story. There are even sources for some of these old books online. Here is one source. A discussion of the story can follow the reading of a chapter or two of your chosen book and then bedtime prayers. Voila - we might not have listened to tales of dreams, but we will have given great fodder to dream upon and wonderful memories for all.

Another fun thing we often do is to listen to the old classic radio shows - via the XM radio in the van. We travel a lot with the business so we felt that having this in the van is a worthwhile expense. We have heard that XM and it's competitor Sirus are combining and an even better rumour is that they will both carry EWTN when they do so.

Now be sure to share with us what story you think your family would most like to read together or any memories you have doing a similar thing as a child. If you are not yet doing something like this and you try - share with us all how it goes. We have done this on and off and writing about this has me eager to do it again. I believe an eye infection on my part left the children hanging with Peter Pan about to face off with Hook. Perhaps that is the story I will start off with again. Read more!

Generous to a fault...

Today Elsa found some nice yummy still fresh in the wrapper gum. Gum that she is not allowed to have. But that did not stop her. She gleefully bite a tiny piece off of one end of the blue stick and offered the rest of it to Gabriela. She placed it carefully in the palm of Lala's hand but when Anna caught a whiff of the peppermint in the air and exclaimed, 'Oh gum, may I have some?' Elsa cheerfully said "Yet!" and took the piece still resting in Gabriela's palm, carefully ripped it in two giving half to Anna and the rest back to Lala.

Yes - Generous to a fault definitely, esp when it is someone else's gum! Read more!