Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trying to remember this...

"You pay God a compliment by asking great things of Him."
St. Teresa of Avila
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Saint Anthony's Feast Day (This Coming Friday)

Here is a lovely website where one can find three different essays on the spiritual career of Saint Anthony. Saint Anthony has long been a favourite saint in our family and especially of mine. He has been wonderful to us in his frequent answers to our requests for his intercession when looking for something lost. Recently our daughter, living in Ireland, called home at 1:30 am, her time, to ask if her brother Noah would please ask Saint Anthony for prayers to assist her search for expensive missing concert tickets - and the concert was the next day. She and her room mates had just finished tearing the house apart in a frantic attempt to find them.

She requested for Noah's specific prayers as it is often joked that he has a hot line to Saint Anthony. Recently Noah shared what he thinks is his secret for getting such good and usually very quick results when he asks Saint Anthony to assist us with his prayers. Apparently if Noah offers to pray a set of prayers or to make a sacrifice of some sort, Antony never fails in his assistance. This makes sense given Saint Anthony's zeal for the conversion of sinners and his desire to preach to his religious brothers. Wat would motivate him more than the opportunity to oblige someone to spend more time spent in communion with our Lord, through prayer.

With that in mind, I not only asked Noah to pray but I too offered five rosaries to be prayed should Saint Anthony's intercession should be successful. It was and in an unusual way. I suspected that the tickets had probably been thrown out and at about 1:30 am (Aimee's time in Ireland) an email came in announcing that that morning a call to Ticket Master had achieved the release of two more tickets - despite the policy to not not do this. They had been able to attend the concert and really enjoyed themselves.

I am slowly whittling down my fee of five rosaries.

Post script - I originally thought that TODAY was his feast day, as I thought it was the 13th. A dear friend pointed out to me that his feast day was on the 13th and I thought - umm yeah and today is... quick glance at the calender showed me that it was the TENTH. But hey - given that half the time I don't know how old I am (and apparently I am in good company) how can I possibly be expected to know the day's date? Not knowing ones age can be a problem in the ER though. Read more!