Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So much cuteness should be illegal...

“Too much cuteness! There must be a law against so much unbearable cuteness!” is what my husband says as he watches our youngest ones scoot around being – well, cute.

Several (several) years ago when I still only had four little ones – I was asked by a Sister from a local parish;
“How do you keep your spirits up? I just have to ask because I do it by going to the local mall and just sitting there watching the mums with their babies and toddlers. I watch the little ones’ silly antics and laugh. Then I head home refreshed by a shot of youth. But you are surrounded all day by little ones which must be so exhausting. You never get a break from them, so what do you do?”

I don’t remember my reply to this Sister, but I have often thought of this question while I sit on my couch and laugh at the silly antics of my little ones. I laugh as the older ones do crazy things to make their younger siblings laugh. Sometimes it is a huge guffaw, sometimes just a snicker, but regardless I feel filled up to the brim with joy as I watch them play. In fact, no matter what mood I am in when I sit down to watch them – it is immeasurably lifted… and I don’t have to go to the mall for it. Read more!