Friday, August 08, 2008

I wisss

My husband had rented an interesting movie and I decided I wanted to be able lie on the bed while watching.... so off to the bathroom I headed with my 24/7 sidekick shadowing me to put my contacts in.

She stood quietly beside the sink watching me as I fished first one contact out and then the other. As I was fidgeting with the second one and wishing I did not need contacts her little voice piped up:
"What are you doing?" she asked.
"I'm putting my contacts in." I replied.
"Oh." Heavy Sigh followed this and then...
"I just wisss I had contact lenses."

That brought a chuckle from me as I put the lenses case away and she grasped my hand with her little pudgy one and walked back to the bedroom with me.

Later as I pondered over that and how a little three year old has no idea what contact lenses really are, nor understand the inconvenience of needing corrective lenses, I was struck by the thought that it is not so much the lenses she wanted, so much as the age old desire of wanting to be "just like Mummy" or in the case of boy - more often to be 'just like Daddy'.

What an incredible responsibility that is and one that I too often take for granted. And this window is a rather small one because before long there is much else competing for this desire to be "just like" something, so I had best make the best of this time and make sure I am something worth modeling.

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