Saturday, February 28, 2009

Neena's last day with us...

On Thursday Neena attacked a purple Pompom - much to our amusement. Inspired with a possible post I grabbed my camera to take some photos. I almost video taped it as it was so funny to watch. Little did I know this would be Neena's last day with us. Later that night I scooped her up off my rocking chair and plunked her down on my lap while we prepared to say our evening prayers that we are trying to re-institute as part of our Lenten contract. She stayed but a moment and then hopped down and stretched before leaving the room and that is the last time I remember seeing her.

This morning we received a phone call. Unfortunately it was 12 yr old Benjamin, who especially loves cats, who answered the phone. Our neighbour who was distraught and thought she was talking to me and informed him that Neena had been hit by a vehicle during the night but that someone had already kindly removed her from the road. Neena was an indoor cat but of late she had begun to sit by the door waiting her moment to escape and she was lightening fast. Nosey, a stray that has adopted Benjamin and consequently us, typically would chase her and pin her down so we could bring her back in - much to her chagrin. We think she slipped out last night when my husband took a forgotten bag of garbage out to the curbside for Friday's pick up.

The children were devastated as you can well imagine by the sad news, each mourning in their own way. One child tried to occupy herself with her math lesson and failed, finally succumbing to her tears. I reminded her as she resisted the tears that God had designed us to cry and even Jesus had cried when Lazarus died, even though he knew he would be bringing him back to life. Another child could not eat all day even though he was hungry - he just choked on each bite and gave up until evening when he was finally able to eat his supper.

Here are the pictures of Neena enjoying "killing" the pompom she had just hunted down.


Almost finished!

Abandoned kill!

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