Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Had the perfect post...

All mapped out in my mind - something cute, funny,short and pertaining to the kids. So I sat down at the computer and made the fatal error of peeking at a few favourite blogs. Ate lunch as I perused them and then opened my blog to start typing.

Problem is - the the 20 minutes while I ate and read - my mind went blank. No more perfect, cute short post pertaining to the kids. Oh well - since I never got around to posting a picture of Sophie, who was adopted by friends, I'll just send you to Good Remedy's blog instead.

Then I'll get back to what I am supposed to be doing, completing the last two seminar slides for the tool kit portion of the seminar Hugo and I have been developing the past six months; Parenting the Internet Generation. In it, we cover things like 'grooming'. And no, I don't mean how to make sure your kids look good for your facebook profile picture. I mean how an online predator grooms his victim.

As well as presenting the dangers and difficulties that lie in wait for a child left alone to explore the Internet we also deal with practical ways of dealing with these dangers. And that is what I am working on today - the last two slides in this section.

Make sure you drop by Good Remedy and enjoy a lovely picture of Sophie with her new sister Anna. And while you are doing that, I will try to get those last two slides researched and created.

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