Friday, July 07, 2006

Prayer Request...

Please pray for my good friend who is at least two weeks past her due date with four young children at home. She is more than ready to have her darling baby so anyone who has the time and is willing - please pray my friend goes into labour within the next 24 hours. She is exhausted, and as all of us mums know - very, very uncomfortable!

"Gentle Jesus, healing physcisian, place your loving hands on my friend and bring her baby into this world. Bless her caregivers to make the right decisions regarding the birth, and for my friend to have the strength and graces she needs to get though the next few days.

Mother Mary - you have known the discomforts of pregnancy and the joy of birth. You encouraged Jesus to perform his first miracle at the wedding of Canna. Please now interceed for my dear friend that your Son will perform another miracle and bring about the birth of this very loved baby and allow the loving arms of all who await her delivery to welcome her."

Thank you one and all for your generous prayers!

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